Ruth Ritterband President, kehila:

Aliya from Dallas, Texas (USA) in 2003.
BA Barnard College, MA Columbia University.
Life-long affiliation with the Conservative and Masorti Movement: Family, JTS student, Ramah Camp Administrator, Solomon Schechter Head of Schools ( in New Jersey, Texas)
In Israel: 2003-8 Director of Development, Reut School in Jerusalem
Kehilat Torat Hayim membership from 2005. E-mail: rittruth@zahav.net.il

Warren Green President, kehila:
Warren was born in Australia and made Aliya in 1976. Settled in Jerusalem, and moved to Herzliya in 1986. Active in the field of digital printing and inks for industry. Member of Torat Hayyim since 1998 and a member of the Herzliya Religious Council since 2014. Headed the Torat Hayyim building project which resulted in the beautiful Ames Wollman building.

E-mail: wg@inkerainks.com
Yiftah Shapir Vice-President, kehila:

Yiftah Shapir was born in Israel. He is a retired IDF officer who is now a senior analyst at the Institute for National Security Studies. Yiftah is also an amateur photographer. Father of three, Grandfather of three Married to Dalia (Ducky). Member of Kehilat Torat Hayim since 1996. member of the  congregation’s board since 1998. He served as chairman between 2000-2001 and again as member of the presidency since 2007. E-mail: y.shapir@mail.huji.ac.il


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