Study Groups

Each Monday evening, a class in Mishnayot, is held at the Bet Knesset, on 52 Yehuda HaNasi Street, Herzliya. Beginning at 19:15 for 75 minutes, this group is
led by the Kehila Gabbai and Vice-President, Yiftah Shapir.  The theme (in Hebrew) this year is  “Mishnayot as Taught by Rabbi Simha Roth z”l”
All members and friends of the kehila are invited. There is no charge.

Wednesday evenings, 20:00 (8PM) class with Rav Barry Schlesinger.  In Hebrew but with support for English speakers.    The current topic is preparation for the High Holydays but changes from time to time. All are welcome.

On Thursday evenings, 20:00 (8pm) commencing after the holidays in October, we will have a series of talks by prominent Israelis exploring the Modern Jewish identity and related topics in Jewish thought. This series will take place every two weeks, the timetable will be published after Rosh Hashana.

BAR/BAT MITZVAH:   Please contact Rav Barry
ADULT BAT MITZVAH:   Please contact Rav Barry
CONVERSION:  Please contact Rav Barry

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