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Kabalat Shabbat

Candle lighting- 18:01/ 6:01pm
Mincha and Kabalat Shabbat- 18:10/ 6:10pm
Shacharit services- 8:45 am


Events in our congregation

  לרכישת ארבעה מינים נא להתקשר לרב ברי:  1632 722 053     Interested in purchasing the “Lulav,  Etrog etc,”? Please contact Rav Barry: 053 722 1632

Download membership renewal form here

Download complete timetable for the High Holidays and Sukkot – Here


Wanted – Kiddushim

Not every Shabbat do we have a celebration – a Bar-Mitzvah or Shabbat Hatan. We are looking for members who want to volunteer a Kiddush: to mark a personal celebration, to mark a jahrzeit – or just for the fun of it!!

Please contact Rav Barry to coordinate the Kiddush.


Events in the Masorti Movement

Kabbalat Shabbat near the Kotel

The Masorti movement is happy to announce the launching of a new program – Egalitarian, Halachic Kabalat Shabbat in the “Families’ Kotel” – Every friday at 18:00

For details see https://www.ezratisrael.com/kabbalatshabbat


Wanted!- Haftorah readers

We are looking for men and women who want the honor of reading a haftarah when there is no bar mitzvah.
Contact Rav Barry or Yiftah to choose a date. They will be happy help you to prepare.


Bnei Mitzvah Calendar

Thursday, October 17 – Leon Kalevansky – Demsky

Saturday, October 19 – Nadav Kleiner

Saturday, November 2 – Ofek Primor

Satuday, November 2 (Minchah) – Dor Peltz

Saturday, November 9 – Omer Shmayovich

Thursday, November 14 – Shahar Pinhas Ashi

Saturday, November 16 – Ben Yaakov Fuchs

Saturday, November 23 – Lior Carmel

Friday, November 29 (Rosh Hodesh) – Shahar Urstein

Saturday, November 30 – Alon Faszczyk


Adult Education

On Sunday, October 6, at 5:30pm we shall meet on the shore of the Hertzliya Park lake for a lesson and Tashlich



Father of Rita Kulick – Zeltzman (Monday, Oct 7)

Kehilat Torat Hayim remembers our member, HaRav Menachem Miron z”l (Wednesday, Oct 9)



Members who want to recite Kaddish on the actual date of the Yahrzeit are invited to contact Rav Barry so that he can arrange a minyan.


A few words from Rabbi Barry

Erev Shabbat Parashat VaYelekh 5780

Quickie Dvar Torah

In our parsha it is written: (Devarim 31:12)  12 Gather the people—men, women, children, and the strangers in your communities—that they may hear and so learn to revere the Lord your God and to observe faithfully every word of this Teaching.

The Ben Ish Chai (Iraq, 19th C) said that the acronym for “men, women, children” –”Anashim-Nashim-Taf” is “Teneh” (basket)- (Tet-Nun-Alef).He added that the gematria of ‘Teneh’ is 60 and that there are 60 letters in the Birkat Cohanim and 60 tractates in the Mishna. From this the Ben Ish Chai suggests that every Israelite person “men, women, children” is entitled to benefit from a basket full of divine blessings and the wisdom of the Torah.

Intro to the The 10 Days of Repentance

(based on Rabbi Eliyah Kitov and Rabbi Prof. Reuven Hammer z”l)

The period from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur is known as the Ten Days of Repentance. This name appears in sources from the Land of Israel, including the Jerusalem Talmud. These days are also referred to as “bein keseh l’asor”- between concealment (Rosh Hashana) and the tenth (Yom Kippur).

We marked the Fast of Gedaliah on Wed. the 3rd day of Tishrei . In the Book of Zechariah it is called “fast of the seventh” , because Tishrei, is the seventh month (from Nisan). ….The sages instituted the fast to commemorate the assassination of Gedaliah Ben Achikam who was killed by Yishmael ben Netanya at the instigation of the King of Ammon. With Gedalya’s death, the last ember of Jewish autonomy in the aftermath of the destruction of the first temple was extinguished.

The concept of these days as a special unit of time in the Jewish year dates at least to the third century BCE. Rabbi Yohanan, who lived in the Land of Israel during that period, describes his conception of divine judgment and inscription in this season:

“Three books are opened in heaven on Rosh Hashanah , one for the completely wicked, one for the completely righteous and one for those in between. The completely righteous are immediately inscribed in the book of life. The completely wicked are immediately inscribed in the book of death. The fate of those in between is suspended until Yom Kippur . If they do well, they are inscribed in the book of life. If not, in the book of death” (Rosh Hashanah 16b).


Song of Last Week for the Days of Awe- listen and be inspired:

Avinu Malkeinu- by the Choir of the Fathers, conducted by the Chazan of Tzahal



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