Hamevasser – Parashat Ki Tavo

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Kabalat Shabbat

Candle lighting- 18:18/ 6:18pm –
Mincha and Kabalat Shabbat- 18:30/ 6:30pm
Shacharit services- 8:45 am


Events in our congregation

Bar Mitzvah

This coming Shabbat we are celebrating with the Binder family the Bar Mitzvah of Gur. Mazal Tov to Itai and the Binder – Bendit family

The New Year

On Motza’ey Shabbat, Parashat Ki Tetze – (September 21st ) we will gather to begin the events of the High Holidays and the new year.

We are invited to a concert by the students of Nehama Talpaz’s studio

The concert will commence at 8:45 pm, at the Bistritzky hall in Kehilat Torat Hayim (The Ames-Wolman building)

and at 10:00 pm we will begin our Selihot service with the cantor Avshalom Yaffe – who will also lead our prayers on Rosh haShana and Yom Kippur this year

Renewal of membership for the new year will take place at the entrance beginning at 8:00 pm

Download membership renewal form here

Download complete timetable for the High Holidays and Sukkot – Here


General Assembly

Save the Date

The Annual General Meeting of the Kehillat Torat Hayyim Amuta will take place on Thursday night, September 19, 2019, at 20:00

Agenda :

Tefillat Arvit

Dvar Torah- Rav Barry

2018 Audited Financial Report

Audit Committee Report

Appointment of Accountant and Audit Committee for 2019

“Haramat Kosit “- in honor of the new year


Wanted – Kiddushim

Not every Shabbat do we have a celebration – a Bar-Mitzvah or Shabbat Hatan. We are looking for members who want to volunteer a Kiddush: to mark a personal celebration, to mark a jahrzeit – or just for the fun of it!!

Please contact Rav Barry to coordinate the Kiddush.


Events in the Masorti Movement

Kabbalat Shabbat near the Kotel

The Masorti movement is happy to announce the launching of a new program – Egalitarian, Halachic Kabalat Shabbat in the “Families’ Kotel” – Every friday at 18:00

For details see https://www.ezratisrael.com/kabbalatshabbat


Wanted!- Haftorah readers

We are looking for men and women who want the honor of reading a haftarah when there is no bar mitzvah.
Contact Rav Barry or Yiftah to choose a date. They will be happy help you to prepare.


Bnei Mitzvah Calendar

Saturday, September 28 – Tomer Leizer

Thursday, October 17 – Leon Kalevansky – Demsky

Saturday, October 19 – Nadav Kleiner


Adult Education

Woman’s Voice Series – Join us to learn modern midrashim from the book Dirshuni – Women interpretation of the Jewish sacred texts. Every Monday at 7:00pm



Mother of Michael Ziv (Monday, Sep 23)

Mother of Nili Goldstein (Thursday, Sep 26)



Members who want to recite Kaddish on the actual date of the Yahrzeit are invited to contact Rav Barry so that he can arrange a minyan.


A few words from Rabbi Barry

Erev Shabbat Parashat Ki Tavo

Quickie Dvar Torah

In this week’s parsha it it written: In this week’s parsha it it written: “My father was a fugitive Aramean [referring to Lavan]. He went down to Egypt .”  It is difficult to understand the connection between  Lavan and the descent into Egypt. It is explained that Lavan’s behavior caused the exile.  He made Yaakov wed Leah  instead of Rachel and thus, Reuven was the first born.  Had Rachel married Yaakov first, Yosef would’ve been the b’chor and he wouldn’t have been sold into slavery and wouldn’t have gone down to Egypt.

Intro to Selichot: (Based on Y D Eisenstein, Otzar Dinim U’Minhagim)

The month of Elul, falls right before Rosh Hashanah, which is known as the day of judgment for the entire world. Therefore, it was designated as a month dedicated to penitence, forgiveness and supplication before God.

The Code of Jewish Law states that from the beginning of Elul it is customary to get up early in the morning to recite “Selichot”. However, the Rema, [Rabbi Moshe Isserlish 16th Century, Poland] ruled that the Ashkenazic custom is to begin saying “Selcichot” from the Sunday before Rosh HaShanah, on the condition that there remain at least four days of Selichot before Rosh Hashanah.

“Selichot” are , prayers and liturgical poems asking for divine forgiveness. The supplications to God are based on two themes:

1. The Lord is “good and forgiving”-“Tov V’salach”: (as written in the Psalms 86 5- For You, Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call on You.

2.The Lord forgives “Eloha Selichot”: (as written in Nehemiah 9 17: But You, being a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, long-suffering and abounding in faithfulness)

According to Tana D’vei Eliyahu Zuta, the source of Selichot dates back to King David. Knowing that the Temple will be destroyed he was distressed because the people of Israel would have no means to achieve atonement. However, God assured him that whenever trouble comes upon Israel, due to their sins, all they have to do is stand together as one and pray for forgiveness.

This idea is also found in the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Rosh Hashana 17 b: The verse states: “And the Lord passed by before him, and proclaimed” (Exodus 34:6). Rabbi Yoḥanan said: Were it not


written in the verse, it would be impossible to say this, [as it would be insulting to God’s honor]. [The verse] teaches that the Holy One, Blessed be He, wrapped Himself [in a Talit] like a Shaliach Tzibbur and showed Moses [ the structure of the] order of [the] prayer [asking God for forgiveness]. He said to him: Whenever the Jewish people sin, let them act before Me in accordance with this order. [Let the prayer leader wrap himself in a prayer shawl and publicly recite the thirteen attributes of mercy,] and I will forgive them.


Song of the Week

Adon HaSlichot – Joe Amar



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