Hamevasser – Parashat VaYikra – Shabbat Zakhor

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Kabalat Shabbat

Candle lighting- 17:26/ 5:26pm
Mincha and Kabalat Shabbat- 17:35/ 5:35pm
Shacharit services- 8:45 am


Events in our congregation

Celebrating Purim at Torat Hayim

We will enjoy a circus experience with “Little Ariel”

We will prepare Mishloah Manot for the needy (Please bring food for the pacages)

We will observe a very special lights display by “Little Ariel”

We will read the Megillah and listen to Purim stories for the little kids by Rabby Barry!!

When ?

Erev Purim, March 20, at 5:30 pm

Wanted – Kiddushim

Not every Shabbat do we have a celebration – a Bar-Mitzvah or Shabbat Hatan. We are looking for members who want to volunteer a Kiddush: to mark a personal celebration, to mark a jahrzeit – or just for the fun of it!!

We still do not have a kiddush up to April 6 (Metzora) – except March 23rd (Sponsored by Ruth Ritterband and Yaffa Ori)

Please contact Rav Barry to coordinate the Kiddush.

Wanted!- Haftorah readers

We are looking for men and women who want the honor of reading a haftarah when there is no bar mitzvah.
Contact Rav Barry or Yiftah to choose a date. They will be happy help you to prepare.


Bnei Mitzvah Calendar

March 30 – Parashat Shemini (Parah) – Tal Poleg

April 13 – Parashat Metzora (Shabbat haGadol) – Daniel Ben Or

April 22 – Hol haMo’ed Pessah – Yarden Lazar

April 27 – Parashat Aharey Mot – Tamar Nitzan


Adult Education

Woman’s Voice Series – Join us to learn modern midrashim from the book Dirshuni – Women interpretation of the Jewish sacred texts. Every Monday at 7:00pm



Mother of Eliana Green (Monday, Mar 18

Grandmother of Barbara Slater (Tuesday, Mar 19)

Mother of Yona Ashwell (Wednesday, Mar 20)

Brother of Cyril Solk (Thursday, Mar 21)


Members who want to recite Kaddish on the actual date of the Yahrzeit are invited to contact Rav Barry so that he can arrange a minyan.


A few words from Rabbi Barry

Erev Shabbat Parshat Vayikra

This Shabbat we begin reading from the Book of VaYikra- Leviticus

In Pirkei Avot (5 21)it is written that at age 5, children are taught to read the Torah.

There was an established custom to begin teaching the children Torah with the book of Leviticus; as it is written in Leviticus Rabba 7: “Rav Assi said: ‘Why do young children commence with [the Book of] The Law of the Priests (the Book of VaYikra- Leviticus), and not with the [Book of] Genesis? Surely it is because young children are pure, and the sacrifices are pure; so let the pure come and engage in the study of the pure.'”

From (Chapter 7) Guide to Jewish Religious Practice by Isaac Klein

The Four Parashiyot

In the six weeks preceding Pesah during the months of Adar and Nisan, there occur four special Sabbaths called Sheqalim, Zakhor, Parah, and Shabbat Hahodesh. In addition, the Sabbath immediately preceding Pesah is called Shabbat Hagadol. The first four are referred to as the ‘Arba Parashiyot and are distinguished by additional readings from the Torah and special lessons from the prophets. Two of these are connected with the celebration of Passover (M. Meg. 3:4). (A good summary of the ‘Arba Parashiyot can be found in the Mishnah Berurah on O.H. 681:1, n. 1.)

Shabbat Zachor

The Sabbath preceding Purim is called Shabbat Zakhor. Again two Torah scrolls are used. In the first the portion of the week is read (Vayikra), and in the second, Deuteronomy 25:17-19, which tells of the battle with Amalek. This portion begins with the word zakhor-hence the name of the Sabbath. The Haftarah is from I Samuel 15:1-34, which also tells of a battle with the Amalekites. This material is associated with Purim because of a tradition that Haman was a descendant of the Amalekites since he was called an Agagite, and Agag was king of the Amalekites in the time of Samuel (I Sam. 15:8).


Song of the week inspired by the Parsha

Lev Tahor- Ro’I Y’did and Invei Hagefen

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