Hamevasser – Parashat Terumah

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Kabalat Shabbat

Candle lighting- 16:58/ 4:58pm
Mincha and Kabalat Shabbat- 17:05/ 5:05pm
Shacharit services- 8:45 am


Events in our congregation

Bar Mitzvah

This coming Shabbat we will celebrate with the Kaplan and Eisenbaum families the Bar Mitzvah of Guy. Mazal Tov to Guy and the Kaplan and Eisenbaum families.


Wanted – Kiddushim

Not every Shabbat do we have a celebration – a Bar-Mitzvah or Shabbat Hatan. We are looking for members who want to volunteer a Kiddush: to mark a personal celebration, to mark a jahrzeit – or just for the fun of it!!

We still do not have a kiddush for the following dates:

from February 23 (“Ki-Tissa”) to April 6 (Metzora)

Please contact Rav Barry to coordinate the Kiddush.

Wanted!- Haftorah readers

We are looking for men and women who want the honor of reading a haftarah when there is no bar mitzvah.
Contact Rav Barry or Yiftah to choose a date. They will be happy help you to prepare.


Bnei Mitzvah Calendar

February 16 – Parasat Tetzaveh – Itamar Offek

March 30 – Parashat Shemini (Parah) – Tal Poleg


Adult Education

Woman’s Voice Series – Join us to learn modern midrashim from the book Dirshuni – Women interpretation of the Jewish sacred texts. Every Monday at 7:00pm



Mother of Helen Har Tal (Sunday, Feb 17)


Members who want to recite Kaddish on the actual date of the Yahrzeit are invited to contact Rav Barry so that he can arrange a minyan.


Events in the Conservative Movemen

Women’s Study day



A few words from Rabbi Barry

Erev Shabbat Parshat Terumah

We marked Rosh Chodesh Adar A on Tuesday and Wednesday

משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה

Mishenichnas Adar Marbin B’Simcha-

When Adar Comes, Joy Is Increased!! (BT Taanit 29a).-

The sign of Adar is Pisces, the two fish.

A Quickie Dvar Torah for Parshat Teruma:

4 of the 5 remaining Parshiot (Portions of the week) of the Book of Shmot (Exodus) deal with the construction of the Mishkan (the Mobile Tabernacle ) and its vessels.

In reference to most of the Tabernacle vessels the command to construct them was given in the singular tense, i.e., “and you shall make.” However, when it came to the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant, the commands for their construction were given in the plural:

“And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell inside them…”

“And they shall make an ark of acacia-wood…”.

Commentators have explained that the Torah is teaching us two things:

1. Every Jewish community has the obligation to build a Synagogue.

2. The Synagogue is to be a House of Prayer and Study.

The Torah, which rests in the Aron Kodesh wasn’t given to a single chosen tribe and it is not an individual’s property. It was given to the People of Israel at Sinai; to those who were physically present and to future generations and as it says , (Dvarim 29:14) “both with those who are standing here with us this day before the Lord our God and with those who are not with us here this day.”

The Torah is the people’s Torah and it is the people’s responsibility to build Synagogues for prayer and Torah study for adults and children.

Song of the week inspired by the Parsha

Bilvavi- Yishai Lapidot

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